Sexism today



Finding my blogging voice could take some time so pls do hold tight. I’m still very new to this blogging world so my page doesn’t yet look how i’d like it to, i.e a bit rubbish. And as I know virutally nothing about SEO etc, hardly anyone is reading. I may as well stop writing now, but onward I shall march
The toddler daughter was 3 years old last week. We had a lovely day with extended family at the museum of childhood in Bethnal Green which I thoroughly recommend . Being crap with birthdays, it’s taken me 3 years to actually remember her birth date. The various childrens groups we attend most days require a signature and childs d.o.b upon arrival. I was sure that a few funny looks was due to me always writing a different birth date for each child. Or at least that’s what I thought until the other day.


What occured in the doctors surgery made me think that perhaps the odd funny look I sometimes get is due to me being a man. My son Theo had his 12 month injections, the nurse said a friendly hello and give me a brief bit of ‘MMR’ chat.
The moment she said ‘Most children have it in the UK and America, basically all civilized countries’. I started to make a judgement on her general vibe. To continue her warmth she told me that perhaps I should phone the childrens mother and make sure it was ok to have the injection. Er, hello was I invisible or did I look under 18? Perhaps it was my pink converse and ripped jeans that made me look like a bit of a raggamuffin rude boy, irresponsible youth. But no actually it was simply because I was a guy.
“I probably wouldn’t have asked you that if you were a woman” The nurse said, probably noticing my thoughtful state.
Does any of this even matter? I’m not sure, but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth.



10 thoughts on “Sexism today

  1. Ah Young , loving the blogs & the titles 🙂 keep paving the way for dads everywhere … Stamp out this out dated sexism ! Keep blogging 🙂 x

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  3. It is funny because when women do it, its not a big deal. When men do it we are supposed to feel bad. Men have made more contribution to medical research and science than women but you sure as heck don’t hear about it during “men’s history month.” Ladies love double standards. It is how they oppress men (psychological warfare) without us knowing about it.

  4. I’m following! Keep it up and give a voice to those Daddies out there 🙂
    I’ve had similiar experiences with medical staff….I’m guessing due to my unmarried state and the fact that the kids have a different surname. Entering the US alone with Raff was a nightmare!! Perhaps the world is not as modern as we thought? x

  5. If my husband had to ask my permission for everything he did with our son, he wouldn’t be a father. He’d be married to a mother. I’m disappointed that the world still doesn’t get it 😦
    p.s. I feel the need to compliment you on your name choices. I adore the name Theo and have it high on the list for any more sons I might have.

  6. Now that there is pretty damn crap.

    No-one ever asks me if I should phone Mr. TBaM to check anything with him about The Boy, and why would they; I’m his mother! However, the assumption that I am the only one who is capable of making a decision about our son is apparent all too often, even my own mother does it (she’ll wait to tell me about his day rather than leaving the information with husband if he’s home first)!

    Sexism abounds, it’ll be worse for you with your daughter than your son I would imagine. It’s wrong. And health visitors are judgemental old witches anyway!

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