Snow Sunday



Snow is a childs best friend. What’s not to like? You can throw it, roll in it and as my daughter has been doing eat it (at least she was until I told her that it was full of dog wee).
Our East London neighbourhood has this Sunday afternoon come alive with happy snow vibes. The local park was full of people running about laughing, throwing snowballs and making snowmen. The park was one big snowman gallery, there was probably 30 snowmen built or being built. From the very tiny to ones that were over 6 foot. Some people had got really arty, one group making a very complex family of snowmen. A snow cat, snow dog and a snowman or rather lady huge snowy boobs! It was like a busy snowman convention. Transient snowmen who may or maynot be there in the morning, weather dependent.

Snow brought smiles to the faces of almost everyone. The men made of snow were created and they themselves created conversation. Even hard-nosed walkers of pit-bull dogs couldn’t resist this snow like love in.
There was even a Bangladeshi tv station interviewing people in the park (updating Bengali relatives back home to what they’re missing)
Even now at 6pm as the snow still falls I can still hear children’s laughter on the street, it’s a lovely thing and certainly beats police sirens and helicopters with spotlights on.
When it comes to snow England may fall apart at the seams, cancelled flights, transport mayhem etc, but we certainly know how to play with it!

And after playing in the snow what better way to end the day than a lovely roast dinner whilst listening to Jarvis Cocker on 6 music (their Sunday line up is absolutely amazing, check it). Rose finally sat down to eat after a long tantrum and Theo scoffed the lot then dipped pork crackling in his milk before eating. Yum!


3 thoughts on “Snow Sunday

  1. Ha brilliant Young , a London snow day definitely has a magical friendly feeling about it ! Its the wintery equivalent of a super sunny summer day ! Dave especially liked Theos dunking of the crackiling in the milk … One for him to try I think ! Beautiful imagery and of course beautiful pic 🙂 lots of family love to you all x x

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