Doctors are great!

I did something to my back on Thursday whilst lifting up the boy. When I awoke yesterday morning and tried to move excruciating pain shot about me – a pair of hot ball bearings having an internal race. I screwed up my eyes saying harsh words. Looking after the children was going to be tricky / nigh impossible. I also had a gig later in the evening which was now looking a no go. There was no one else to look after the children and being self-employed, if I don’t work I don’t get paid.
As luck would have it the doctor had an opening that morning so after gobbling a couple of painkillers and a hit of deep heat off I hobbled. The Doc told me that as it’s a recurring back issue I can expect it to flare up now and again particularly during the winter. He wrote me a prescription for some knock out pain relief and sent me on my way. The codeine done what it said on the tin, it was a huge relief. With the pain held back, I could get on with my normal duties.
We are extremely lucky in this country to have the NHS. Of course it has its critics but we have a free health care system often taken for granted. It certainly wasn’t the day that Rose swallowed a 1p coin.


It was a parents worst nightmare, she was coughing and choking and blood dripped out of her nose. Even as I sit writing this I can feel the panic in my stomach that I felt that day. After X-raying her the doctors at the hospital broke the news, it wasn’t good. The coin was lodged awkwardly and she would have to be operated on immediately. It would be a general anesthetic operation. I was almost in tears as I thought about my poor little daughter and what she was going through. I looked at her, so tiny and helpless, exactly how I felt at that moment. As we waited for a bed to come available she feel asleep. I held her tightly and tried to be strong. When she awoke it was obvious that something had changed. She looked serene and some sort of normality had returned to her soul. Her face had regained colour and she’d lost the panic. I immediately spoke with the doctor who quickly arranged for another X-ray. The X-ray results were the equivalent to getting 6 numbers on the lottery.
The coin had decided to continue on its unorthodox journey. Whilst she slept she must’ve relaxed, thus releasing the coin. Operation now cancelled.

I can’t even describe the relief, happiness and elation that I felt and if possible my love for my girl was enhanced. I was so grateful to all the doctors and nurses at the hospital for the fantastic care that they gave. Amazing people who do a fantastic job.
It’s shame that so much of their precious time is taken up every weekend by idiots who drink too much then expect others to pick up the pieces. That’s not to say i’ve been an angel. When I was a student I broke my arm after falling off the top of a car (I was trying to car surf). But you’re allowed to be a hypocrite when you’re a parent, aren’t you?
Hopefully my children won’t be as accident prone as I was when I was a kid.
When I was 3, I tried to ‘ride’ down the stairs on a bat-mobile trike, breaking a leg and also broke an arm after falling out of a window into a dustbin.
Needless to say that coin eventually made its way out and became known as the ‘poo-poo cash’.


3 thoughts on “Doctors are great!

  1. I can relate to your feelings about watching your child endure surgery and all it’s accoutrements – anesthesia, recovery, pain. My son (five yesterday!) was admitted to hospital 10 days after being born. He was making squeaking noises and having difficulty feeding & breathing. An x-ray showed when he drank, milk was going into his lungs so he was immediately designated Nil-By-Mouth and had to be fed through a tube inserted through his nose to his stomach. Watching his distress at having that done to him (numerous times, as he kept catching it & yanking it out) was horrible.
    The wonderful NHS took care of us and in two weeks he was fine. I’ll never forget how the compassion and skill of the doctors and nurses made us feel.
    Now we live in Canada, where free healthcare isn’t as extensive as the UK, it’s made the NHS seem all the more precious and admirable.

  2. Wow, that must have been extremely distressing for everybody. New borns look so fragile and nothing worst than a helpless feeling when nature is urging you to protect.
    I hope he is doing well now.
    Is heathcare in Canada free depending on your earnings or such like?

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