How Are Cartoons Helping Parents in Raising Their Kids?


I’ve been very slack of late with regards to my blog and haven’t posted since the beginning of Feb.  Since my last post we’ve put our flat on the market and sold it (fingers x’d everything goes smoothly) and now in the  middle of estate agents, solicitors et al.

I was hoping to write a piece this week but then this morning I received an email from a talented writer called Celina Jones very kindly asking if she could contribute an article to dadwithtwokids.  After reading some of her work I was so happy to have received her email, it was just what I needed to give me a bit of inspiration as well as her lovely words.  Her piece brings up some really interesting points. Here it is……

How Are Cartoons Helping Parents  in Raising Their Kids?

“He watches far too much television”, “I can  never pry her away from The Powerpuff Girls”, “I think he is obsessed  with that show Ben 10” – these are phrases often heard from worried parents.  However, as we get our teeth stuck into 2013, a lot of people are taking  a new perspective. More and more parents are seeing the extensive positive  factors associated with cartoons. They are using cartoons in order to  help them bring up their kids properly. And, you can do this too if  you read on.

Life lessons

Most of these cartoon shows contain valuable life  lessons. They are not merely pointless shows without any aim or moral.  Everything from Ben 10 to Tom and Jerry to Scooby Doo to Batman has positive  messages ingrained in the show. Children learn about the importance  of sharing, they learn about how the nice person always proves victorious,  and they discover that it is not always the biggest or the strongest  that proves to be successful. These are life lessons that will help  your children to decipher what is right or wrong. They will be learning  without even realising they are doing so. Moreover, this actually helps  to breed confidence within your child as well.

Reference point

If your child is misbehaving then you can actually  use their favourite television show as a reference point in order to  show them what they are doing wrong and provoke the reaction you are  looking for. For example, if your daughter is refusing to share her  toys with her friend or sister, then you can say: “What would happen  if The Powerpuff Girls didn’t share? They wouldn’t be able to save  the day would they? Sharing is important.” Your child is more  likely to respond because you have given them a clear example including  a cartoon they know and love.

Educational benefits

Cartoons actually entail a whole host of great educational  benefits. After all, the majority of cartoons follow characters as they  solve a puzzle. For example; Scooby Doo follows the dog and the gang  as they solve mysteries. As each minute of the show goes on, more clues  are revealed and it shows how the gang eventually find out who is the  bad person. This gets your child’s imagination and quick thinking  working. It gets their brain accustomed to problem solving as well.  This can only be a benefit.

They can signify a reward or a punishment

Cartoons can help you when it comes to dishing out  rewards and punishments. If your child has been well behaved or has  done good e.g. gotten good grades at school then you can give them some  extra time to watch cartoons. However, if your child has misbehaved  and been naughty then you can take away their television time. This  helps you to establish boundaries and your child will know what will  happen if they do wrong. Moreover, as cartoons are so well loved by  children this is a method that is likely to be very effective.

As you can see; children’s cartoons can actually  be highly beneficial and when it comes to raising your children they  are a welcomed aid. You can establish boundaries through a reward and  punishment system, you can get your child’s brain working, you can  teach them some great life lessons, and use cartoons to explain them.

Celina Jones

Author bio –

Celina is a qualified  multimedia journalist. She watched different children’s shows on Cartoon  Network, such as Ben 10 in order to prepare for this article. Currently she is associated with Cartoon Network as their PRO.