Ths is a micro post for a competition that limetree are doing.  The subject is family happiness.  Voting starts via their site from May 15th so if you like what i’ve wrote please vote for me!


Often happiness is only realised with hignsight or reflection, something not appreciated at the time.

This isn’t the case with instant gratification happiness, the type that entices us in after buying a new house, handbag or shoes.  But it’s  temporary and soon forgotten.

Family happiness is a completely different kettle of fish. Your suddenly caught up in a good old back to basics happiness vibe. Getting woken up by your kids on Sunday morning followed by a family hug session. Sounds cheesy as hell but as a happiness hit it can’t be beaten.  You feel it immedately.

Simple things now give so much.  Family walks in the park, the extended family xmas get together, together watching your child tackle that scary, slide for the first time, looking at each other and realising what an amazing thing this existance is.


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