Getting children ready in the morning

Getting children ready in the morning


1.  Cereals – No Weetabix means a slight whine. That is until I bust out the toast and honey. I remind them that Bees actually make this stuff which they think is cool, problem averted.

2.  Chairs – We have two small children’s chairs, one green the other orange. Each morning without fail major chair drama unfolds, screams, shouts and general chair related stress. Whoever gets the green chair is not at all happy and  chair gate ensues.  I really don’t get it, they’re identical in every other way apart from colour.
I’m contemplating spraying the orange one green or throwing both in the recycling then they can sit on the floor.

3.  Clothes – Not always, but often Rosy point-blank refuses to wear the days clothes.
‘Its too itchy, these are Tuesday pants and it’s Monday, you need to cut the label out etc. Mummy wouldn’t put this with this’.
This alongside the ‘your not getting me in this’ wriggle can really push your morning trying to stay calm buttons.  Give me a break my young daughter, I’ve only just sussed out the meaning of tights for goodness sake!

4.  Hair –  Both kids don’t like their hair being brushed.  For a few days Rose attended nursery looking like a cute swampy eco protester. Natty dreadlocks would’ve been fine in Dalston but not in Brentwood where sensible appearance is everything.

5.  Missing in action – It’s 5mins to 9, we’re running late, almost out of the door, we might just make it on time but alas, missing shoe alert. Cue frantic search (me) whilst the kids play around with ‘Sparkle’ My little pony.  As I slowly pull my hair out they endeavour to tell interesting Sparkle facts.

6.  Ready to rock – It’s 2 mins to 9, I’ve resigned myself, we’re going to be late, but perhaps only 5 mins. Jackets and shoes on, Rose has gone to the toilet, all good to go. About to step outside when up comes a whiff of doom. Theo has done a poo.  You couldn’t time it better if you tried.


When getting children ready in the morning for school or nursery it’s trying to do everything on time that can bring a whole heap of stress.

Our young children have no conception of time, it’s a wonderful way to be.  They don’t feel the imaginary clock in the sky with its infinite counter of doom.  They are not yet compliant time slaves to the man

But it’s extremely difficult not to pass on unhealthy time vibes to our kids.  They feel the stress of their parents rushing around in the morning and everyday life.

Lets stop rushing kids, things will still be there tomorrow, nothing will fall apart if you’re a bit late.


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