Welcome to dadwithtwokids, a father’s thoughts on parenting and the life that goes with it.  This is my first attempt at blogging so I hope that it brings a few smiles, laughs and possible tears!

By night I’m your run of the mill London DJ, making people dance with my wonky beats.   My double life sees me being transformed into a Stay at Home dad by day looking after my three year old daughter and one year old son.



My deceit runs deep, i creep around my work places of dark East End clubs making sure to have washed off bits of toddler vomit and always checking my record bag for loose peaces of lego.

I produce music under the name Ok_Ma but since having children my studio time is limited, actually non-existent.

I’ve been lucky enough to have Djed all over the world in countries such as America, Croatia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and Malawi.

But my hardest gig to date is definitely looking after my two young children. But it’s the most rewarding of all. Being a full time carer and DJ is tricky to say the least. For example Mondays use to be spent relaxing after a weekend full of gigs. Now i’m more likely to be changing nappies and attending groups called names like ‘Boppin Bunnies’ when I should be catching up on sleep! Rather than checking out the latest promo, I’m catching up on the latest episode of ‘Show me Show me’.

I work as a music consultant, putting music together for brands, tv projects, theatre, fashion shows etc.

I’m also freelance journalist, during my career i’ve written for a variety of music magazines and websites as well as being editor of a magazine called Ecentral.

contact Ok_Ma1@yahoo.com

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